The Reflection Journal

The Reflection Journal is a Tool Just For You

Ever feel like the world and your life are bursting with so much potential, but that this potential is always sitting just ahead on the horizon and what you’re currently experiencing is just meh?

Instead of using a journal to rehashing the negative, unfulfilling, boring aspects of your life, how about using your journal to create evidence of the positive, inspiring, and abundant wonders all around you, and within you. That’s what the Reflection Journal is all about. As you use this journal to rediscover what you most desire, you’ll find the clarity, the confidence, and the courage you need to show up in the world in a way that aligns with your core brilliance and deepest values.

I share how the creation of the Reflection Journal came to be in the Within (U) Podcast. 

It can be yours

The Reflection Journal is available for purchase.