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I was dealing with a tough decision over my job and work duties. I was feeling overwhelmed with the options and my mind raced from one problem to the next. I didn’t feel able to evaluate or examine any of them for the pain that it brought me thinking of each.

Working with Sarah, she first listened to my anxiety and struggle with the problem and then took me through a series of body compass exercises that allowed me to check in with my inner wisdom and find the truest and most authentic answer for my self and my situation. 

By the end of that single session I was calm and clear. I knew from the deepest levels the right path for me. I knew what decision to make and felt a deep confidence and peace from within as I started taking steps to make some very hard but very right decisions for me and my life. 

Sarah is like a guide on the side, leading the way to your inner wisdom and helping you make the decisions that deep down inside you know are right for you. While the wisdom was always within me, I couldn’t have accessed it without Sarah’s help. I was so bound up in anxiety and what-if scenarios that I was frozen with fear and overwhelm. Sarah created the space and tools I needed to go deep and find the peace and clarity I so craved. In the end, I made a decision that is scary, but I’m filled with a sense of calm and the knowledge that I made the exact right decision for me.

Christie - Mammoth Lakes, CA

I have done a significant amount of counseling and coaching over the years, and none compare to the ease and efficiency, light touch, and sense of playfulness that Sarah embodies. She will meet you where you are and walk you, very artfully, not only the place you thought you wanted to be, but to someplace even better.

Laura - Watertown, MA

Before my session with Sarah, I was feeling bit all over the place with lack of direction. Sarah is a very easy person to talk to and helps you to not only organize your thoughts/feelings but also provides you with useful tools to help guide future decision making. My conversation with Sarah flowed easily but yet it felt well structured, productive, and overall was very beneficial.

Lindsey - Minneapolis, MN

I was stuck in a career path that I had fallen into after college. It was slowly driving me insane and I had no idea what to do with my future. I went to bed each night dreading the thought of enduring another soul-crushing day. I kept thinking, “How could this be?” I am an intelligent, hardworking, determined, and passionate woman. How could I be so lost?

At that point, I decided to reach out to Sarah and I’m so glad I did! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I knew something needed to change.  Sarah understood what I was feeling and helped me realize it was fear holding me back. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. And fear of failure.

After I completed Sarah’s 10-week one on one coaching program, I decided, despite the fear, I had the power to change my life for the better. It felt so liberating! I am now applying to graduate school programs and couldn’t be happier!

One thing I really liked about Sarah was the personalized attention I received as her client. Her professionalism and deep knowledge of her field immediately made me feel like I made the right decision to work with her. The activities we worked through, the questions she asked, and the homework she assigned were enlightening and, at times, quite emotional, but they helped me grow each week.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is feeling stuck and struggling to identify their passion. I am so grateful I took the plunge and invested in myself. Thank you, Sarah!

Kate - Saint Paul, MN

Working with Sarah was extremely positive. Before our session I was feeling a little nervous, but Sarah made me feel super comfortable right off the bat. She did a great job of keeping our conversation rolling and listened with authentic intent. She asked great questions and also challenged me to flip things on their head – making me think about different perspectives and more! She even prepared me with mental tools to help me battle in-person scenarios, which I greatly appreciated! Sarah provided me with solitude and also a great challenge. She presented opportunities and gave me organizational tips to streamline emotions and feelings.

Overall, Sarah is someone that I would confidentially recommend to friends and family. You can tell she is passionate and loves helping others. Her positivity radiated through the phone and made most of my nerves diminish after we chatted. I think one last take away was that she provided motivation for me. She didn’t leave me hanging, she gave me an action item that I felt compelled to do right after I hung up the phone with her.

Sarah - Minneapolis, MN

I’m ready when you are! Change is right around the corner.