beyond the breakup


a guided 10-week travel and self-discovery program that helps you realign with who you are, your true desires, and your dreams now that you’ve left that relationship behind. 


That last relationship you had doesn’t have to define you. You get to rewrite the script, become who you want to be, and attract a truly soul-aligned partner. 

Now that you’ve finally looked yourself in the mirror and admitted you lost yourself in that relationship, have you gotten down on yourself for letting things get so far off track? The mental and emotional rollercoaster between that frustration and also understanding that you were only doing what you thought you needed to do to make a relationship work is exhausting. Let me guess, what’s even worse though is not knowing who you are anymore or what to do next.  

Sure, you’d like (or love) to have a soul-aligned relationship, but first you want to have some dang fun! You want to reconnect to yourself in new ways, experience new things, get a new perspective, and gain some confidence again. 

The negative aspects of that last relationship and the breakup pulled your confidence down and you really want to feel like a freaking goddess that any man would be sorry to let go. 

This is where Transformational Travel comes into play; forget that revenge dress. This is going to be the most fun, most powerful, and most empowering experience you’ve ever had!

Ten years ago, I was more than 3,000 miles from who I am today, literally and figuratively. At that time, I was engaged and had just moved back from living abroad for several years. It was meant to be a temporary move as I was doing long-distance with my then fiancée, but I had a deep nagging feeling there was more to this and so did my body. 

I started getting sick and after many nights of sleeping in the fetal position due to stomach pain, an endoscopy and allergy testing I was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, an unexpected immune system condition, and new allergies. My body was literally stopping me from ingesting the things it no longer wanted. I didn’t realize it then, but looking back I can’t help but see the metaphor here. 

My soul knew that things needed to change in order to have the life I wanted to live, but my mind was so set on making things work in my relationship – the one thing I had dedicated all my love and energy to for years – that it wouldn’t let me see it. It fought tooth and nail, and dang it was gritty.

My efforts to avoid the end of this relationship led to a lot of soul-searching for quite a long period of my life. If you had told me then the amount of money and time I would spend investing in books, classes, certifications, job changes and the number of YEARS it would take me to sort things out through trial and error, I would have never believed it. 

What became clear through it all was the power of travel. 

Learning to do life in an entirely new environment and country is a trip (pun intended 🙂). All of the things you are used to doing on autopilot and take for granted, like something as simple as unlocking a door, require your attention and make you more aware. It’s like a buffet of new experiences lie before you, and even the tiniest ones force you to think differently, spark creativity and bring about pure joy. It can be so much fun! Because of this, you also end up being more discerning. Things – your likes, dislikes, patterns, preferences and tolerances – become much more obvious. 

Language alone, and local vernacular, opens up a whole new world and entirely new way of thinking about things, too. By nature, learning through personal experience that “right now”, for example, can mean anything from immediately to hours in the future, or much deeper things like how respect and affection are communicated changes your understanding and relationship to it. 

Seeing things from the inside out, even if only for glimpses at a time, establishes a newfound admiration and appreciation for life itself. 

Not all of this was easy. In fact, a lot of it was hard, but I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had and shared and that my journey has brought me here where I am today, which is in a happy relationship with a wonderful man living a life that is much more aligned with who I am and strive to be. 

I want this for you, too. With one little tweak though – that you get there much more quickly and painlessly than I did.



You can learn who you are, what it is that you want, and know exactly what your next step is.

I realize that from your vantage point it may seem a little far-fetched that in only a few month’s time you could begin to attract the kind of life and partner that’s so aligned it makes your soul sing. 

But, from where I’m sitting, you totally can. 

Your environment plays such a big role in how you live. And travel, immersing yourself in a different culture and current, has the power to change you from deep within. 

I discovered this many times throughout my life on several different levels. A new place and adventure requires new skills and provides unique experiences and situations in which you can, and are sometimes forced, to learn about yourself much more quickly and clearly than what you would in your everyday environment. Your brain, your body, your thoughts and all your senses are afforded the opportunity to make new connections which lead you to new insights, and seeing and being in yourself differently. 

It’s changed my own worldview and inspired drastic amounts of self-awareness and personal growth. The beauty and connection I have felt as a result of these transformative experiences is awe inspiring and has made me passionate about helping others experience this for themselves, too.

I have a knack for helping women identify a destination and experience that gives them this new understanding of self. I can help you design an adventure that will stimulate reawakening and foster personal growth.

Take a second to imagine it. You land at a small regional airport and as the plane door opens, you feel a rush of warm air greet you like a welcoming hug. You then get glimpses of street vendors, vibrant colors and traffic signs you’ve never seen before as you travel to where you’ll be staying. You settle in and take a deep breath, knowing you get to go at your own pace. There’s no rush to do anything apart from being and doing what you want. Over the next few days that you have to yourself, you’ll learn your own internal rhythms and responses, what they mean and even unexpected things that bring you pleasure. The only thing on your schedule for just a few days is a cooking class you’re excited about with a wise local woman where you learn about the art of nourishment; more than you’d ever understood it to be before. 

Or maybe it’s a gardening class and learning about the local flora, or a scuba lesson in such blue waters that it makes you feel like you’re in The Little Mermaid. Maybe it’s breathing in the fresh, cool air of the highlands and exploring its vastness. 

Sounds more than intriguing, right? Even a little exciting and fun?!  

This is what I’m talking about!

The possibilities are endless. Through this adventure you will learn about yourself and have new insights about who you really are every step of the way. 

And what a perfect time to do it. Having admitted you’re not where you’d like to be, stepping away from habits, places, routines and stories that no longer serve you makes complete sense. The concept of who you are and the roles and patterns you’ve functioned in are part of an identity that’s ready to be shed. 

Intentional time away will help you shift, get unstuck and release judgment and the way you’re used to seeing yourself. 

After all of the heavy lifting you’ve been doing internally to move beyond boredom, fear, anxiety and doubt, you CAN take a deep breath and start enjoying the peace and even the JOY that new possibility brings.

That’s exactly why I created this program. I want to save you the time, frustration and energy I wasted on my meandering path back to myself and give you the straightforward, FUN way to self-rediscovery.



Through this program, you’ll: 

  • Gain clarity on what’s important and take action

    No more will you be putting energy into mentally engineering answers, solutions and your path ahead. You’ll learn how to tap into your inner wisdom that instinctively knows what’s meant for you and how to lead you there. You’ll feel more connected, grounded and self-assured.

  • Discover what’s truly in your soul and who you are now

    Rediscover your spirit and get to know who you are now, outside of a relationship. Instead of just learning to be ok being on your own, you’ll learn to LOVE your own company and just how fun it can be.

  • Break unhealthy patterns

    Understand exactly why you were in people pleasing mode in your last relationship, how to get out of it and steer clear the next time around. You’ll replace these conforming habits that had crushed your soul and minimized your brilliance for so long with a new decision-making process that thrills and is completely unique to you.

  • Have fun through adventures in beautiful new places and self-discovery practices

    It’s one thing to be in your head and think your way through things and it’s another to get in your body and actually experience it. So, we’re going to create a playground for you to practice in real time through a solo travel adventure. That’s right, the culmination of this program will have you jetting off somewhere fabulous that you couldn’t be more excited about!

  • See yourself in a new light & attract Mr. Right

    After all the good attention and energy you will have put into rediscovering your true self, the old you will be just that – a thing of the past. Now, recognizing and attracting the partner of your dreams will be undeniable.

Our time together will be a soft place to land. A safe container to experience and process this exciting change with my support – someone who understands, but isn’t your close friend or family. (Although it may feel like we’re soul sisters by the time we’re through. 🙂)

Guidance will be available to you. Sure, I’m here to be your guide on the side. More importantly though, you’ll learn how to tap into your own internal guidance which is most essential to your success.

In the process, you’ll begin to trust yourself again and it’s a muscle we’ll continue to help you grow.

Get to know who you are on a deeper level and what you really want through fun adventures and travel

So how exactly are you going to do this?

When you choose to move forward, you’ll first share some information with me about you, your history and interest in the program.

We’ll then jump on a brief call together so that you’re able to elaborate on the written info you’ve submitted ahead of time and clarify your motivation. At this time, we’ll make sure this program is a good fit for you.

If it is, we’ll spend one month connecting on a weekly basis in 1:1 coaching sessions. In these sessions, you’ll have the space to explore and process where you are now and where you want your adventure to take you. That’s right. You know those movies where the lead character goes on an epic experience abroad? That’s going to be you.

In these sessions, we’ll focus on reacquainting and familiarizing yourself with your:

  • Body – and how to make decisions that are best for you
  • Mind – and how to identify the things that are getting in your way
  • Spirit – and how to connect with a supporting force that’s bigger than you 

After this month, you’ll have a field assignment so to speak. For the following three weeks, you’ll receive weekly email check-ins from me. This time is set aside for guided practice and reflection. As much power as dreaming and visioning have, it’s through action that self-esteem and positive self-regard is rebuilt and renewed. 

With these two months under your belt, we’ll come together again on a call to debrief your field assignment and explore your upcoming trip. We’ll get specific on your desired experience and destination. 

From here, you can decide the type of support you’d like next. 

Coaching Abroad

These two sessions would be available as check-ins throughout your experience. They’d serve to calm your nerves and keep you focused.

Coaching Upon Reentry

This set of four sessions serve as part 2 of your experience and compliment all the work you’ve done in part 1 and on your adventure. We’ll process all you’ve learned from the experience so that you take it into your life as you move forward. We’ll identify the key components that are most important to you, and how they can inform your decision-making in the future, especially when it comes to aligning yourself with and attracting that new, healthy relationship.

This program is for women who:

  • Have ended a relationship
  • Aren’t sure yet what’s next for them, but know they want change
  • Want to discover who they really are and what they really want through adventure, new places, travel, and self-discovery practices

This program is not for you if you:

  • Aren’t over your breakup or ex
  • Aren’t fully committed to making a change and moving forward
  • Aren’t open minded or willing to get out of your comfort zone 

You’ve already made one of the toughest decisions by ending your relationship and moving on. Now let this next decision be one of the most fun!


I’m so excited for you! I’m also secretly excited about the next time someone asks you what you’re up to or how life’s been. Instead of responding from a place of insecurity and uncertainty, you’ll get to respond as the grounded woman you’ve become. The one that feels alive, confident and excited to share about whatever is ahead!  

Once you’ve decided you’re all in, click below to schedule a time to chat. I’ll have you answer a few questions ahead of time for us to discuss when we connect over the phone.

I’m ready when you are!